Monday, April 21, 2014

Homescapes 1000 Thread Count (Non-Twisted Yarn) Ultrasoft – Plain White Flat Sheet – Double – 100% Super Luxury Egyptian Cotton Percale – Anti Dust Mite

ASIN : B00210Q9O8
Brand: Homescapes
Description : Homescapes have 30 years’ experience producing high quality bedding for top 5* to 7* hotels all over the world. Homescapes now offer their products direct to the consumer at a price that provides excellent value for money by cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings directly on to the consumer. This means that the benefit of Homescapes’ over two decades of textiles experience can be yours at a fantastic price. Homescapes fully control all aspects of design, production and distribution ensuring quality throughout. This bedding has been manufactured with long staple cotton fibre in one of the most advanced spinning mills in the world. The fabric is then carefully woven and inspected to make it suitable for the exacting standards of the luxury hotels worldwide. This is a true high thread count fabric as only single count yarns are used, not twisted yarns which are offered by some manufacturers which effectively halve the quality of the product. Such a high density weave means that most allergens and mites are eliminated. This bedding range has been assembled in an environment, where quality is paramount. You can easily tell by looking at the quality of packaging and the feel of the fabric. Homescapes ensure that the stitch length is uniformly high. Duvet covers and pillow cases have deep overlaps, making it very easy for you to change the covers and the covers will not come off whilst being used. Since the overlapping fabric is deep, you cannot see the duvet/pillow after covering them. This is exactly the same as you would see in 5 to 7 star hotel bedding. The fitted sheets have been elasticised all round for a perfect fit to mattresses as deep as 30cms and the flat sheets have a nice regular hemming all round them.
Homescapes 1000 Thread Count (Non-Twisted Yarn) Ultrasoft - Plain White Flat Sheet - Double - 100% Super Luxury Egyptian Cotton Percale - Anti Dust Mite
Features :
  • Size: Double 230 x 255cm or 90 x 100″ (Standard UK Size Double) Flat Sheet. White in 100% Cotton 1000 Thread Count fabric. Washable at 60 Degrees to ensure the best possible protection against dust mites.
  • This product is comprised of 100% Combed Egyptian Cotton, 1000 thread count per square Inch (single yarns not twisted) means the bedding has an exceptionally soft and luxurious feel, and is softer and smoother on skin than lower quality cotton and poly-cotton blends.
  • Homescapes only use single yarns to manufacture their bedding which means a true 1000 thread count. Many manufacturers use twisted yarns instead of single; this effectively boosts a 500 thread count weave to 1000 but without the full quality. A true single yarn 1000 thread count product will wear better and give much better flexibility and softness. Homescapes Fitted sheets are fully elasticated, perfectly fitting 25cm deep mattresses and flat sheets are neatly hemmed on all sides.
  • Homescapes offer a wide range of complimentary items including; pillow cases (housewife and oxford style), flat sheets, fitted sheets (10 inch and 18 inch available), duvet covers and sets. The complete bedding range in 1000 thread count is available in white and cream (ivory shades).
  • This product is excellent for anybody who suffers with dust allergies or asthma. The high density of the cotton weave make it difficult for dust mites to penetrate ensuring a very healthy sleeping solution. Also the high density cotton has great moisture absorption properties which helps protect the mattress from sweat and grease.

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